(10×17) Agency and angels that are angelic again

Episode summary: Sam and Cas and everyone in the usual roster of characters are stumped. Better call Bobby. (also Rowena and Crowley are there) (Written by Andrew Dabb)

After not watching last week (disinterest, mostly), I was down with this episode in a pretty good way. I can’t lie, I was initially REALLY SCARED about Bobby coming back, considering the characterisation’s been a bit everywhere this season, but as always he was a solid rock of much needed sense. I feel like he was the right person to go to, his viewpoint really gave Sam (and Cas, to a lesser extent) some extra perspective on how everything they’re doing fits together.

The thing that made me happiest – the angel gender swap. Hurray! Further confirms that I just like to see angels doing angelic things. Pissing around with human ass knife fights and getting flung into popcorn, I can do without at this point. Looping about in the sky as grace and jumping around bodies? Not having a readable mind as anything other than colours? I’m down with it.

Side note: Can we keep the psychic guy? I loved him. xD

Dean’s demon eyes in the mirror were perfect. I was scared it would be overplayed and have too much focus put on it when I was it in the promo, but that one flash was so effective. Hell yes. The red shirt is still too on the nose for me, though. I know there are themes and arcs tied with clothes, but just seeing the red shirt is a spoiler at this point.

The continuity in this episode was quasi-orgasmic. I thought we’d heard the last of Crowley’s human blood kick. Thank god it had some consequence (though it was boring as hell to watch the Game of Thrones wannabe arc that was the consequence.. can’t win ’em all).

Thank God everyone told Crowley he’s been shit lately. Whether or not it’ll change, I don’t know, but it felt very cathartic.

I didn’t pick up much about the directing this week, but I think that’s because I didn’t feel taken out of the show by anything. Thinking back though, there were some great shorts (heaven’s corridor, the slow mo, etc). Kudos, first time director whose name escapes me but I will promptly google!

The less than shiny, but still cool in places:

Rowena was fine, I still feel like the arc let Ruth down (I’m not interested in the Game of Thrones wannabe bullshit), but she’s doing a great job given that that’s the case.

Heaven’s corridor.. I’m so torn on. xD When I saw it my initial reaction was ‘!! AWESOME OH MAN LOOK’, but then I remembered the sort of organic, trippy way that the links between heaven were portrayed in season 5, and that made me a little less easy with the retcon. What happened to the ‘road’? It changed for everyone, and I would have liked to have seen how Bobby navigated it.

Cas did some stuff! I still feel like everything’s a bit weird and disconnected with him – probably because there’s not been a peep from him since he got the blade, so I don’t have much context for why he’s at the place he’s at right now, but I appreciated that he got to take Metatron’s grace alongside a few mini-stunts. Side note: Someone please put some dubstep on that slow motion jump, I will cry laughing.

Metatron is such a dweeb I just have no idea if I find him hilarious or annoying. Main take away from his scenes: Name calling – it’s not just for 3rd graders, and angels in heaven keep the physical keys to the physical iron bar prison for the guy who fucked everything up about 5 feet from his physical cell. disappointed flop I think this point and the last point were more issues with the season than this episode though.

I liked this episode, it encouraged me to give next week a go. I feel a little heartened by the whole thing, though I still feel disconnected from the characters because of how iffy they’ve been for the past season and a half.

I give this episode: 10 feet of carpet string and a satisfyingly terrified Metatron. Thank you, Andrew Dabb!


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