Just another Supernatural fan, shouting into the void!


So, after being cajoled by a couple of people to start a blog to ‘share my uncommon opinions and insights’ on Supernatural, I.. decided to start a blog to share my uncommon opinions and insights on Supernatural. Ingenious, no? xD

I’m planning to post initial reactions to episodes here, since I usually do a write up anyway and post it somewhere obscure (shout out to /r/fandomnatural). That should mean once a week (while the show is airing) I should post a review on what I thought was great and what I thought wasn’t quite there. I have a real love-hate relationship with SPN, so I feel like my analyses are fairly straight shooting. But you’ll be the judge of that, I suppose. I’m pretty excited by good directing choices and practical effects, so expect a little on that as I go.

This is the most anorak endeavor I’ve ever embarked on, so please bear with my initial embarrassment. xD

Speak to you soon!


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